Keep The Good Start

It’s been a few weeks now. Most of the days have started normal in that nothing out of the ordinary takes place. Occasionally, there’s a number of things that come into play that could potentially disrupt what routines I have built: writing in my journal and reading (while drinking my coffee). Fortunately, I’ve been able … Continue reading Keep The Good Start

To Never Compare

Examples abound to validate any way one wants to feel when compared to another. There are those who I could compare myself to and feel vindication; there are those who I could compare myself to who would make me feel worthless. All that is needed is the narrative that I wish to foster. Do I … Continue reading To Never Compare

Reading First

Well, not exactly first… Routine has been on my mind a lot lately. The goal is to build a daily routine that reinforces habits that are worthwhile, while discouraging the mindsets that allow for distraction and anti-habits. Anti-habits are really my being all-Mr.-Fancypants in how I am describing something. They really are simply bad habits … Continue reading Reading First