There is a lot in the world that we wish was different. There is a lot that should be different. Things should be better; things shouldn’t be so damn bad. While we wait for leaders to pull their heads out of their asses, or we urge others to change, there’s a simple question we are … Continue reading Change


Yesterday was skipped. Not in a literal sense as there is no way to actually skip the experience of a day. It isn’t even in the sense of not celebrating the holiday. What was skipped was the writing. Yesterday was a day without writing… and it was OK. I went into yesterday, Christmas Day, with … Continue reading Skipping

Get Comfortable

…just not too comfortable. Like many people, I was introduced to Jordon B Peterson through the events up in Canada surrounding the trans-rights issues and compelled speech laws written in the infamous bill C16 there. Given that to me it sounded like he was having a reasonable argument (that a gov’t should not force people … Continue reading Get Comfortable

Missing the Off-ramp

Persistence is key. Or so that’s the thought. Years have been passing like mile markers on a long drive across the states. With those years it feels like the opportunities that were once there have passed too, destinations that revealed themselves right as the car passed the off-ramp. It was as though the sight of … Continue reading Missing the Off-ramp