In a setting sun – a poem

In a setting suna poem by Jeremy C Kester Suns set across the amber skyDotted purple clouds in wait lieReflecting what could be for tomorrowIf for what this beauty we borrowAs it were just a moments fleetingIn this life with love meetingEnds and beginnings do set onLike the suns it too is gone Poem written … Continue reading In a setting sun – a poem

What is it doing for me?

Exploration of one’s self is an all important endeavor. For me, much of my exploration of late has been in the realms of my writing, of how, why, and what am I writing. There’s been a need for me to turn inward to find and fight the demons keeping me from being successful, both in … Continue reading What is it doing for me?

spinning – a poem

spinninga poem by Jeremy C Kester Something is amiss,I cannot say what,For I do not know myself,rather.I do not know what,I do know myself,somewhat.What I do not know,is what’s amiss,or missing.Whichever it be.Is there something that ismissing something?Maybe if I stopped spinning,Then I could see straight? Poem written by Jeremy C Kester©2020 Jeremy C Kester … Continue reading spinning – a poem