Writing Through the Drama

Not writing is a painful endeavor. Although many days might slip by with only the thought of wanting to write going through my hear, not the clicking of fingers depressing keys, nor the stroke of pen against paper, going through these days without actually writing is difficult to deal with. Of course, one might say, … Continue reading Writing Through the Drama


"Escape"a poem by Jeremy C Kester I thought about this one thing:escapea single wordas though my life were a prisonchoking life from my veinsbut it isn’t lifeI wish to fleeonly the pain of meand my being afraidof this Poem written by Jeremy C Kester©2020 Jeremy C Kester – All Rights Reserved

Blessed… and Cursed

I wanted to deal with a single topic in today’s post. Not that any of my other posts deal with a multitude of topics, but I just wanted to look at one thing today. That thing is one feature that I am slowly coming to the realization is harming my ability to move forward. Being … Continue reading Blessed… and Cursed