Who Needs Rules?

Over and over again this topic seems to pop up in my list of things to write about on this blog. It is almost like I am avoiding writing about other things, or that I am struggling for ideas on what to write. (Both are true.) No matter how many times that I hash out … Continue reading Who Needs Rules?


It’s funny. Although I gave myself more time to make longer posts, I ended up abandoning several essays that I was writing. One or two of them might end up being resurrected, although I have to admit that it is unlikely. Each of these essays were started a while ago. They were not too ambitious, … Continue reading Abandoned

Those Things That Derail…

Let’s face it: I have been having a lot of trouble lately. With writing that is. It’s not been easy to get myself to sit in front of the computer and write, although it is what I want to do. Willingly (and almost with enthusiasm), I’ve been running off to take part in almost any … Continue reading Those Things That Derail…

Climbing Out A Hole

Four days passed. They passed by almost without warning, and certainly there was no remorse as they sped by. Time passes with unabashed vigor, laughing almost as I stumbled through. And this time, I really did stumble. Life has a funny way of throwing reminders out that we are not in control. All that we … Continue reading Climbing Out A Hole