in front of me – a poem

“in front of me”by Jeremy C Kester we all look behindfeeling what we can seeaheadbut only what iswantforgetting what we have this coffee smells goodin front of meand I feel like I havelessthan I wantbut what I need I can sipfor now remindedof what I havein front of mebut I will againforget Poem written byContinue reading “in front of me – a poem”

Grabbing the Rung

One week turned into two; two weeks turned into three. Time continued to march on as I sat in front of computer screens, tablets, or with pen and paper in hand, trying to will myself to write. Brief spurts of encouragement came as I would occasionally spill out a few words, a few dozen words,Continue reading “Grabbing the Rung”

A Stumble and a Fall

I took a purposeful week off blogging this past week. Honestly, I ran into a small window where my life became a bit unmanageable. It was nothing big; there was no tragedy. Simply put, my priorities got all screwy where my lack of skills in time management resulted in it being better that I satContinue reading “A Stumble and a Fall”