Thoughts On (Blog) Writing

On the heels of my post, “The Practice”, it has come time to admit that like normal, my desire to keep up with things on this site has started to wane. Writing itself isn’t the problem. What it comes from is the energy used to think about what I want to write about and post … Continue reading Thoughts On (Blog) Writing

The Practice

Looking back it is easy to say that there was rarely a post that I can effectively say that I was proud of. Most of them are at best sub-par. It’s necessary though, isn’t it? The practice? Mostly what this blog is and has been is a place where I jump online and practice writing … Continue reading The Practice

For The King! – a short story

"For The King!"a fantasy flash-fiction short story by Jeremy C KesterPart of Free Fiction Fridays Please note: this story may have some disturbing imagery or ideas. Read at your own risk. The orc was snarling as Wendelin pushed her blade into its chest. Her own face, gnarled with the hatred she felt for the beast, … Continue reading For The King! – a short story

The Hard

“A League of Their Own” has been one of my favorite movies since seeing it. The emotional impact the movie had while still being funny, taking itself seriously enough while not being heavy handed or preachy, made it a spectacular film. (Mind you I believe that it’s a talent that is mostly lost in modern … Continue reading The Hard