Ever have those days where you have to drop a major #2 off at the repository known as the toilet and it simply does not come. You know that discomfort? Think of it in writing now, because that’s where I have been for a while. I’ve gotten much better at understanding what I am feeling …

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From vacation to life

Today I am back. Today I have returned to the daily grind of work. Granted, I am traveling as part of the new position that I have within the company I work for, but still today I have returned to work... to normal life. For longer than the last week, I was on vacation. During …

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Listening to an episode of the podcast,"Start With This", I was confronted again with the concept of the disposability of art. In this particular episode (episode 8, "Art is disposable") they were talking about the many things that they and others wrote that they eventually threw out. It was another angle on the idea of …

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