Remember the Yorktown (Gravity 1)

-Science Fiction, Space Opera, Military/Political

-Approx length: 69,000 words

War seems inevitable as the Democratic Alliance, the ruling body of Earth and its closest planetary neighbors begin to stretch their influence to Saturn and beyond. Years before, the Alliance abandoned those worlds leaving them to fend for themselves in hopes that it would bring the colonials back on their knees. But that never happened. And with riches beyond the Alliance border, it is a temptation they can no longer resist.

Haden and Adrianna served the Alliance as their love for each other grew. That was until he died on a mission. Now, Adrianna will embark on a mission with the secret vessel, the Yorktown, while it attempts to disrupt the trade routes that enable the outer worlds to thrive. She left Earth in hopes to escape sadness that gripped her. What she might find there is more than she ever believed possible.

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