Dead to Rights

“Don’t move!” she demanded, pistol squarely directed at him. She breathed, the rhythm of the air moving in and out the periphery of her focus. The man before her was far more important. There was a shiver. An admittance to the fear hidden under her flesh. She didn’t want to pull the trigger. The man … Continue reading Dead to Rights


That Simple Smile

She entered through the door in a hurry.  The rain outside was coming down in droves.  Her outfit was saturated despite the umbrella she carried.  No one seemed to notice her entrance as it had matched so many before her, and undoubtedly it would match many after. I smiled as her eyes scanned the room … Continue reading That Simple Smile


It was just his hands.  The way they moved.  She stood there, mesmerized as the feeling, the tingles, moved through to the top of her head.  They were simple, steady... purposeful.  Something grabbed her attention and focused it there.  And she was glad as for the moment, she felt nothing but relaxed.  It just the … Continue reading Tingles

My Seat

I looked up from the book curiously.  She was standing there with a stern look on her face.  “Do you mind?” she asked rudely.  Truthfully, I didn’t.  She was now annoying me.  “That is my seat,” she continued. “I doubt that,” I replied as I went back to the book.  It wasn’t until I smelled … Continue reading My Seat

The Coffee

Short Story written by Jeremy C Kester All Rights Reserved. Please do not replicate or use without written permission from author (seriously, just ask). Linking to this page is permitted. The coffee stung as it flowed down his throat.  He wasn’t concerned.  He continued to drive undeterred from the task at hand.  He needed the … Continue reading The Coffee