Damn Chair

Let’s be clear, there is not a good spot where I live to sit and write. In truth, there really isn’t a spot for me in that regard. There’s of course a desk with a computer that I occasionally use (it’s the family computer and is in a communal spot), but most times I sit … Continue reading Damn Chair

A Stumble

I cut in with what I had planned to be posted today with this one. It’s partly an update and partly my own venting, both with myself and with technology. Anyway, last night as I was switching my writing between Scrivener mobile and its PC counterpart, there was an error. I had a backup, so … Continue reading A Stumble

Progress – 2-24-2021 Edition

Two days. That was all that I’ve missed in a little over two months. Even still, those two days were (not) planned. My family had to make a special trip into Philadelphia, which since it is cheaper to drive (albeit much longer time-wise), that is what we did. The trip to and the trip back … Continue reading Progress – 2-24-2021 Edition

Can Me Write Good?

Ah, a reoccurring theme. I’ve written on this before, and I am certain that I will explore this topic many more times after this entry too. What is good writing? Am I a good writer? Or asked a better way: can good write me? I am certain that this question enters the minds of a … Continue reading Can Me Write Good?