I can say something, About the way the light dances, upon the pedals of the roses in the evening light. The way your face echoes to me, Like sound coming back over the ridge. Is there a way I can contain myself? Is there a way I can see life in death? Nothing but …

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Of Silence

If I speak first and break the silence Will she run from me like the rest? Or stay to the bitterness of knowing What I truly am What I may become Failing to understand how to break free A prison of unknowing and doubt If only but to understand it To understand why the walls …

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I wait the calling, Still, Never silent. The words of thoughts echoing denial. Denial of my desire, It’s only an appropriate measure. How could my questions, turn into my thought?   Poem written by Jeremy C Kester Please do not replicate or use without written permission from author (seriously, just ask). Linking to this page …

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