Lament – a poem

"Lament"a poem by Jeremy C Kester The road less traveled,Decaying under the bastard sun,Oppressively recognizing,The emptiness of the moment. This road I might have marveled,And traveled for simple fun,But needlessnessly finding,A moment of bleeding lament. Poem written by Jeremy C Kester©2021 Jeremy C Kester – All Rights Reserved

Less Anger; More Kindness

It took me a few minutes the other day to cool off. It was another "idiot" on the road who made an overly aggressive move that I had to become defensive to avoid any incident. Frankly, I wanted to go and punch the driver. Their impatience became my problem for no other reason than... their … Continue reading Less Anger; More Kindness

We’ve Got to BE Better

I’ve wanted to keep politics largely away from this site. Those topics I’ve brought up recently have been intended to be in a questioning form, talking more about the idea of something abstractly rather than any direct commentary. My thought is that I want to provoke contemplation rather than an emotional reaction to what I … Continue reading We’ve Got to BE Better