Know the Joy – a poem

"Know the Joy"a poem by Jeremy C Kester Steal my heart,Fail the strings of love,that bind this bitter lifeto a memory of some worse.A taste feeling sharp of the tongueof loss of pain and lonelinessto remember of joy and passionbut it cannot find the partnered.What will life make of it?I want to feel the pain,to … Continue reading Know the Joy – a poem

Returning to Life

Last week was vacation for me from my day-job. Indeed, I also decided to lay off writing for the week, choosing to use the time to focus on reading instead. In conjunction with the reading, I wanted to think about what I was trying to do. Writing is not an easy job, as simple as … Continue reading Returning to Life

Bad Nights and Long Mornings

Coming off Tuesday’s post, I wanted to write more on the topic, not only doing a deeper dive into the actual links between anxiety and procrastination, but also on my own emotions. Honestly, last night it came to a head while I was sitting in front of my laptop with the full intention to attempt … Continue reading Bad Nights and Long Mornings

Out of Focus

There was a strange thought that entered my mind the other day. Well, it isn’t exactly strange, but rather what’s strange about it is that I never made the connection before. It’s one of those “duh” moments. Anyway, there’s this old story about a guy standing up in a church talking about all the wonderful … Continue reading Out of Focus