Puddles – a poem

"Puddles"a poem by Jeremy C Kester Ocean views,Of a microscopic world,A world foreign to us.So insignificant?Are we all insignificant?So much goes unknown,So much unseen,Circling around our own hearts,We fail to hear others’ beat.As the puddles fill with water,Life floats past,Past, something to be forgotten.Forget, I hold that little regret.Regret, do I truly regret?And if this … Continue reading Puddles – a poem

Chance – a poem

"Chance"a poem by Jeremy C Kester Stand upon the chilled grassPassing each grain of EarthBetween your toesFeeling the wind passThrough your hairThrough your spiritTake it away from timeAnd leave nothing to chance. For more poetry, consider purchasing a copy of Jeremy's collection: Change of Seasons: Selected Poems. Click the link to get yourself a copy … Continue reading Chance – a poem