Summer Heat

Bathed in heat, she beckons me. And I come for her, drenched in sweat. Tasting her salt on my tongue, Our bodies intertwined as the day moves on. She speaks to me in song, Of birds moving across the sky/ In breezes through green leaves rustle, I hear her whispers. As the sun rises, sheContinue reading “Summer Heat”

Crumbled Leaf

Orange rain falling gently above Over an ocean of autumn hues Pink clouds blanket morning light In warmth of cool air surrounding. Breezes tease forth around As my eyes drink the world in A world of beautiful decay A world full of dying life. Beauty in death collides As I stand against the chill SoakingContinue reading “Crumbled Leaf”

An End. A Beginning.

The end of Summer. What marks the end of a season begins my favorite time of each year: Autumn. September through November. Fall. I look forward to it increasingly as Summer presses on. But once Labor Day hits, I wait no longer. It is the glorious beginning of Fall. Even if the weather says otherwise,Continue reading “An End. A Beginning.”