Life is a myriad of choices, paths, and directions. (It is many other things too, but for now, this is a good metaphor.) Each day, we’re confronted with the opportunity to take any of these. The hope is that with each successive move, we get closer to our desires. Often, this isn’t the case and … Continue reading Hiatus


I am working on a lot of projects, so unfortunately today’s post is nothing more than this note saying that. I have a number of balls in the air I am attempting to juggle in the form of longer-form essays and posts that are taking me longer than initially anticipated. Shooting for Friday’s post to … Continue reading Juggling

Constipated Writing

Understanding That Thing Called "Writer's Block" Writer’s block is consistently challenged as not being a real thing. From podcasts to books, there are plenty who argue that what writers call writer’s block is nothing more than a figment of one’s imagination. But what is that thing that the writer is experiencing then? If not writer’s … Continue reading Constipated Writing