The Unknown

The universe is a vast expanse. Unfathomably large, we know but a pittance of a fraction of a fractal about it. What we lack in knowledge about the universe almost defies understanding itself. If we think too hard on it, it can become daunting. Why think on it though? Do we need to know everything? … Continue reading The Unknown


It’s an arbitrary number. There really is no meaning behind it. There was only the thought of what time in the morning made the most sense. If one really wanted to argue it, each time makes as much sense as the next. Thus little rhyme or reason as to why I chose this time over … Continue reading 9:00am

Constipated Writing

Understanding That Thing Called "Writer's Block" Writer’s block is consistently challenged as not being a real thing. From podcasts to books, there are plenty who argue that what writers call writer’s block is nothing more than a figment of one’s imagination. But what is that thing that the writer is experiencing then? If not writer’s … Continue reading Constipated Writing

Changing Tools

I am doing it. I am finally doing it. After writing for nearly 20 years or so using Microsoft Word, I’ve finally made the decision to fully abandon it as my primary tool. And although it hasn’t been as long a run, I am dropping my limited use of Google Drive too. Why? Well, Scrivener, … Continue reading Changing Tools