There’s Only Today

The streak stands at 18 days as of the writing of this. That’s 18 straight days of writing. It’s not the longest I’ve had since 2018, but it is notable. Within that, 16 days straight were spent building back up my fiction writing, and the last 7 of those days were over 1,000 words each. … Continue reading There’s Only Today

In The Numbers

It took 5 days, but I finally hit my goal of 1,000 words written of fiction on the 5th. I am not sure why it’s 1,000 words. I guess I came up with that as a simple round number that was more than attainable. Given that if I sit down and focus, I can achieve … Continue reading In The Numbers


Imagine my surprise as I look over my to-do list. There are a number of things that are not checked off as having been completed. There is no surprise. I expected it. Each of these tasks have to do with my writing. Thinking about it, I’ve been severely misaligned in my priorities. A thousand words … Continue reading Re-alignment