A Six-Month Plan

Last year, by September, I had completed six separate drafts. That’s six stories. Two novels; three novellas; one middle-grade book. Six. That’s a lot. And while I have those six stories waiting to be reviewed, revised, edited, and/or rewritten, I am trying to press forward once again to write more fiction outside of that revisionContinue reading “A Six-Month Plan”

Quantity or Quality?

This has been an age-old question: is quantity more important that quality or vice versa? Two things particularly have brought this question back into my sights. The first, the fact that I have 5 projects that I have in the waiting for revision with a 6th closing in. The second, was Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s latestContinue reading “Quantity or Quality?”

Being Indie

There are a host of reasons as a writer to pursue traditional publishing or indie publishing (aka self-publishing). Each lists a number of benefits; each lists a number of problems. For me, before I had dove into the task of drafting query letters for my novel, The Good Teacher, I learned of the idea ofContinue reading “Being Indie”

Ebook Sale Begins Today!

May the 4th be with you! Starting today, all my ebook works are going on sale! See the links below! I have 3 for free and another 5 for only $0.99 apiece. That means for $4.95 you can own all the terrible writing I’ve put out so far! (Or just grab the free stuff andContinue reading “Ebook Sale Begins Today!”

What I Wrote In April

Wow. This year is starting to fly by. And the best thing about it? I’ve been writing like a flippin’ demon. To think that I am 39 and only beginning to truly understand myself as a writer. I am 39 and only now using the tools I need to develop my voice as a writer.Continue reading “What I Wrote In April”