An Upcoming Sale!

I have slacked off on this for too long, so instead of a normal post, I have decided to announce that it is time that I put everything ebook on sale! Everything! Starting Friday, May 4th, all my ebooks will be on sale. Here’s the list: From May 4th through May 8th, the following ebooks … Continue reading An Upcoming Sale!

What I Wrote In March

Happy Easter, everyone. Yet another month of writing is now done! I crawled across the finish line this past month as the last days coincided with a holiday weekend filled with lots of family activities and Easter bunny-ing for the kid. But I still hit my target, and I was able to write every day … Continue reading What I Wrote In March

Slowing the Pace

Whoa! I have to slow myself down… in a manner of speaking. I’ve blogged about it before, I think on my old site before it had crashed. A friend had sent me a background for my desktop some time ago. A simple background, black with the words, “You keep finding flaws in your writing because … Continue reading Slowing the Pace

The Fun of Being Unknown

I have a huge advantage right now. As a writer that is. As a creative mind. What’s that advantage? Being unknown. Okay, I think that I know what you are thinking: “how the f^@& is being unknown an advantage as a writer? Don’t you want readers to know you?” Yes and no. I am strange … Continue reading The Fun of Being Unknown