Progress – 2-24-2021 Edition

Two days. That was all that I’ve missed in a little over two months. Even still, those two days were (not) planned. My family had to make a special trip into Philadelphia, which since it is cheaper to drive (albeit much longer time-wise), that is what we did. The trip to and the trip back … Continue reading Progress – 2-24-2021 Edition

Did I Stutter?

Yes. Yes I did. This week has been trying. Suffice to say that life has thrown another curveball and at least for temporary measures, routines have been thrown out of balance. If anything, it is a handy test to see whether a) how disciplined I can be with regards to my routines (the answer: not … Continue reading Did I Stutter?

Changing Something

It’s late in the month and I finally realized that in that span, I changed 3 things in my habits: I started writing 1,000 words or more of fiction per dayI continued to blog (almost) every dayI stopped playing Dr Mario World Upon realizing that I accomplished these things, I decided that it is almost … Continue reading Changing Something

Missing the Off-ramp

Persistence is key. Or so that’s the thought. Years have been passing like mile markers on a long drive across the states. With those years it feels like the opportunities that were once there have passed too, destinations that revealed themselves right as the car passed the off-ramp. It was as though the sight of … Continue reading Missing the Off-ramp