For Tomorrow – a poem

"For Tomorrow"a poem by Jeremy C Kester SleepQuiet sleepFor tomorrow will comeEyes of the gentle sunWill they shine before meBefore youSkies of dull entreatShall they retreatAnd pass this bitter feelingPass it awayFor tomorrow will comeAnd things will be better then Poem written by Jeremy C Kester©2020 Jeremy C Kester – All Rights Reserved

Foot to the Pedal

The day has been won. It’s time to kick back, light a cigar, and enjoy that glass of bourbon. Relax. There’s no more fight needed. Everything has been tackled. No more effort is needed. Maybe enjoy that glass of bourbon. But don’t stop. Don’t let off the gas. It’s that simple. When the tasks have … Continue reading Foot to the Pedal

Seeking Change

Things change. Life is an experience of change. Humans have a fantastic ability to adapt to change to a degree that we often will barely notice it. I don’t mean that we won’t notice things that change, it’s more that we will continue to operate as though nothing is changing while addressing these changes. I … Continue reading Seeking Change