There are ruts…

…and then there are ruts.

I’ve been in one for a while. Of course I have. I’ve ranted about it here and there on this site for over a year. It started on the heals of a long streak of writing before it collapsed after a family event. Since then it’s been quite an ordeal to get back on the horse. But whatever.

Everyone goes through ruts. There is nothing new in that realm. Duration is immaterial as the fact is that ruts happen all the time and in different ways. My experience may be different from others, but it is no different at the same time. Many of us, if not all of us, go through periods of time where our productivity is not up to the caliber that we hope it to be.

Before I go too deep into the puddle of shame I wish to wallow in, I do need to remind myself that I haven’t been doing nothing during this rut. It’s only that writing in itself has stalled. It’s helpful to be reminded of that, that life is busy in all sorts of ways. Life is productive in all sorts of ways. Just because one well of creativity has dried up, it need only be temporary. Better to think these things, to be reminded of this rather than stewing in the pit of despair of things not done.

I am once again going to try another push to see if I can reignite my writing productivity. This has been one hell of a rut, but I am willing to bet it is soon to be over if I try hard enough.

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