Getting Better

I've been working at my social anxiety thing a lot since admitting to having it. Although I feel that it is getting better, I do often still feel as though I am like this:


An Evening with Aaron Blabey

I had another post in mind, but I decided that it was better to talk about tonight. Tonight, my wife and I took our son to see his favorite writer, the man who’s name appears in the title: Aaron Blabey. Aaron writes the very popular middle-grade stories “The Bad Guys.” They are funny, outlandish stories … Continue reading An Evening with Aaron Blabey


The other day I was tearing up. My eyes were watering as I was contemplating a predicament. The empathy that I normally am burdened with was under high duress as I wrote a chapter that placed a character in a position that was truly worse than death… I am used to writing passages that place … Continue reading Cruelty