Today is Pi Day! March 14th, or written better as 3.14, it is a day to celebrate the number Pi, a number significant for all things circular. But I am not here to necessarily spread the word about a single holiday. Throughout the year, there are many of the normal holidays (speaking for the US … Continue reading Celebrate!

The Advent of Reading

December is upon us! This means Christmas, which also means advent calendars. The countdown to Christmas is all anticipation, even as someone who no longer expects to get any gifts. In our household, we have a slightly different Advent Calendar. It was something that my wife started. I am not 100% certain if this was … Continue reading The Advent of Reading

Oh Thanksgiving, where’d you go?

It happened already. Since Halloween really. Stores looked as though Christmas had invaded. Even a local radio station here in Chicago switched over to all-Xmas formatting a week after Halloween. Now with only 2 days left until Thanksgiving, I feel that I am already finished with Christmas. And that’s a shame. Growing up I loved … Continue reading Oh Thanksgiving, where’d you go?