Dissent – a poem

"Dissent"a poem by Jeremy C Kester it feels surreallike in the moviespalpable tasteof panic withinbut society is sickready to consumeitself if it could& oh it will do soif an invader doesn’t firstthen againhad we not already?had we not already? For more poetry, consider purchasing a copy of Jeremy's collection: Change of Seasons: Selected Poems. Click … Continue reading Dissent – a poem

that picture – a poem

"that picture"a poem by Jeremy C Kester Staring at the picture on the wall,Surprising I see myself smiling,What was I thinking at that moment? I was only a young child,Filled with hopes of future adventures. Now is less than it was then. Behind me I leave those days,Only because I face forward.Hell, if I could,I … Continue reading that picture – a poem

Two Things – a poem

"Two Things"a poem by Jeremy C Kester Do we understandthe difference between love& lust?Between pain & death?Or beauty & the vile?To hold something so tightthat it escapesthought or reasonLike we never had it at all. It can escape reason, life.As if there was a differencelike death & life, two coinsor the same coin flipped& loveor … Continue reading Two Things – a poem