Horror Week

I am going to try something for fun. On a whim. I received an email yesterday from Goodreads about writing prompts for Horror Week. Wait? What was that? If you couldn’t tell from the title of this post, it is indeed Horror Week. It gave me an idea: try to finish that damn short story … Continue reading Horror Week



I don’t know about you, the reader, but every so often I get an awesome compliment that means much more to me than what one would expect given the subject matter. In this case, I received two compliments at the Indie-Author Event this last Saturday that struck me. Both were on my covers. One for … Continue reading Compliments

Mix the Brilliant Colors

Sun and shade, Mix the brilliant colors, Like past and present, Memory and memory, I find to wonder, How things blend so… Viciously. And to cautiously wait, From moment to moment, Just for a moment, Maybe I can see, Just how much beauty there is… In Viciousness. Poem written by Jeremy C Kester