My Perfect Home

Now this might be the anti-social, social anxiety part of me talking, but I think I found my perfect home. Screw the apocalypse as the site suggested it was for... 



Here are lessons I have been trying to learn: The answer to most questions is “it depends.” The truth often lies in the middle as our perceptions, our prejudices, etc all can influence what we see. The rule doesn’t mean that there can’t be exceptions. You can’t make rules based solely on the exceptions. Questioning … Continue reading Rules


One of the joys of parenthood comes from the simple activities we share with our children. From this weekend’s activities of igloo building after the snow falls here in Chicago, to playing Minecraft together, to sitting down to draw Pokemon. Each of these and more happened this past weekend, but it is that last activity … Continue reading Perspective

On Learning

I have this idea that I’ve toyed with over the years. It involves one’s willingness and acceptance towards learning compared to their age of maturity. Of course all of that is a huge gray area, using vague words to describe vague concepts. All my evidence on these thoughts are all circumstantial, generated strictly from my … Continue reading On Learning