Cold Turkey

It was the other day when it finally happened. A game that had me in its grips lost that grip. It was like an epiphany stuck, a moment of eureka! that popped into my psyche. I no longer had interest in playing Dr. Mario World. To be clear, for me that game was a rabid … Continue reading Cold Turkey

We Are Both

You can come to two conclusions while watching humanity: we are a horrifying species; we are a beautiful species. Evidence for either are plentiful. But depending on the events of a given time frame, we tend to lean towards the former, not the latter. We believe people to be immoral and undeserving. True, yes. But … Continue reading We Are Both

Some Days Are Harder…

It took until nearly 7pm at night before the writing even started. There was no family emergency. There was no other thing going on. For some reason, I simply could not get the motivation to write. Instead, I went about the day as though writing was not a priority. Eventually, as the time slipped away, … Continue reading Some Days Are Harder…

Making Sense Of Size

I started to have an interesting conversation with my wife the other day. At one time, the pair of us were heavily into music. We’d go to concerts at innumerable places, from coffee houses to bookstores to stadiums. We spent a ton of money on CDs and such. Although there were some areas of our … Continue reading Making Sense Of Size