For anything we do, there is an act of trying to justify that action. It can be as simple as eating because we are hungry. Or drinking because we are thirsty. These are broad generalizations that contribute to the larger narrative. That narrative is one of keeping our mind in line with itself and our …

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Book Review: The Bad Guys Series

Note: This review is for 6 books in the middle grade graphic novels. Review: The Bad Guys by Aaron Blabey From my next to last post, one can figure out that seeing the writer at an event sparked my interest in reading these books for myself rather than catching the occasional scene as my son …

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The other day I was tearing up. My eyes were watering as I was contemplating a predicament. The empathy that I normally am burdened with was under high duress as I wrote a chapter that placed a character in a position that was truly worse than death… I am used to writing passages that place …

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