Resistance – 1; Jeremy – 0

It seems that lately, though my Muse has been tickling my ear, my motivation to write has been absent. Where it went, who knows? Maybe it is out getting a few drinks. Maybe it has gone to find coffee to wake its ass up. Or perhaps it was taken hostage by that nefarious entity Steven … Continue reading Resistance – 1; Jeremy – 0

A Lot To Consider

There’s a lot to think about. The other day, I signed up for another Author Fest. This time will be my second appearance at the Lake Geneva Beachside Author Fest at Lake Geneva Wisconsin (link goes to the library hosting the event), the first being a number of years ago. The event is July 10th, … Continue reading A Lot To Consider

Those Things That Derail…

Let’s face it: I have been having a lot of trouble lately. With writing that is. It’s not been easy to get myself to sit in front of the computer and write, although it is what I want to do. Willingly (and almost with enthusiasm), I’ve been running off to take part in almost any … Continue reading Those Things That Derail…

Not Being A Writing Failure

There are many tasks, many activities that are involved in the over arching thing called being a writer. Writing is the biggest part, of course. It’s the activity that the job is named after. It’s the verb associated with the noun. But when one wants to become a professional, many more tasks come to become … Continue reading Not Being A Writing Failure