Another Fest Down

Number four has come and gone. Yesterday I attended the White Oak Author Fest at the Crest Hill Branch of the White Oak Public Library in Illinois. It’s the second year I’ve been to that particular event (only the third they’ve held) and I will say, they do a fantastic job. My own attendance thereContinue reading “Another Fest Down”

More and Less

Lately I’ve been debating on something. Facebook. Should I even keep it? Not the page dedicated to my writing of course, just my normal profile. I’ve thought a lot lately on just dumping it. It would be one less distraction. One less thing to have to think about. It’s been really tempting.And with Zuckerberg’s discussionContinue reading “More and Less”

It Doesn’t Equate

Someone I know with considerably more followers than I have told me the other day that they were going to tweet about me to get their followers to buy my books. Immediately the likes were coming in and that person remarked how great that was for me. A few days passed and that person askedContinue reading “It Doesn’t Equate”

An Email of Epic Proportions!

Father’s day was just last weekend. For it, one of the things I got was the book “Your First 1000 Copies,” by Tim Grahl. It is a book that I specifically requested given my writing and the eventuality that I do really want to make my writing my career. Now, it’s a great book. ButContinue reading “An Email of Epic Proportions!”