More and Less

Lately I’ve been debating on something. Facebook. Should I even keep it? Not the page dedicated to my writing of course, just my normal profile. I’ve thought a lot lately on just dumping it. It would be one less distraction. One less thing to have to think about. It’s been really tempting.And with Zuckerberg’s discussion of having to forcibly reduce the ads on Facebook seen by users. Well, no kidding. My wife and I were talking about how Facebook has become nothing but ads and memes. Hardly worth keeping.

On the other hand though, I have been raiding twitter more often of late. I decided to get on there a little more for expression. A positive expression in the face of the negativity there.

Social networking, no matter how distracting it is, is a useful tool in marketing. And marketing is a skill that I am not confident with. I need the practice. And I need to be at least competent with it while trying to get my writing off the ground.

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