Another Fest Down

Number four has come and gone. Yesterday I attended the White Oak Author Fest at the Crest Hill Branch of the White Oak Public Library in Illinois. It’s the second year I’ve been to that particular event (only the third they’ve held) and I will say, they do a fantastic job. My own attendance thereContinue reading “Another Fest Down”

Bad Nights and Long Mornings

Coming off Tuesday’s post, I wanted to write more on the topic, not only doing a deeper dive into the actual links between anxiety and procrastination, but also on my own emotions. Honestly, last night it came to a head while I was sitting in front of my laptop with the full intention to attemptContinue reading “Bad Nights and Long Mornings”

Temper, Temper

Somewhere between the 10th successive phone call and discussions on my upcoming vacation, I lost my temper. It is not a reaction that I am proud of. It is not a reaction that I indulge in with any regularity. I may rant, I might complain, but I seldom lose my temper. Now, I am hittingContinue reading “Temper, Temper”

Time For a Self-Review

What am I doing? I am serious, what the hell am I doing? A lot has been happening in my life these last few weeks and in a lot of ways, much of my life has been a blur. It’s especially apparent after missing a promised date to return feedback to a person I offeredContinue reading “Time For a Self-Review”

Less Anger; More Kindness

It took me a few minutes the other day to cool off. It was another “idiot” on the road who made an overly aggressive move that I had to become defensive to avoid any incident. Frankly, I wanted to go and punch the driver. Their impatience became my problem for no other reason than… theirContinue reading “Less Anger; More Kindness”