Bad Nights and Long Mornings

Coming off Tuesday’s post, I wanted to write more on the topic, not only doing a deeper dive into the actual links between anxiety and procrastination, but also on my own emotions. Honestly, last night it came to a head while I was sitting in front of my laptop with the full intention to attempt …

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Temper, Temper

Somewhere between the 10th successive phone call and discussions on my upcoming vacation, I lost my temper. It is not a reaction that I am proud of. It is not a reaction that I indulge in with any regularity. I may rant, I might complain, but I seldom lose my temper. Now, I am hitting …

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I consider myself a happy person. It’s not perfect happiness. I do find myself openly frustrated at times like anyone would. I struggle sometimes for days over issues that weigh on me. Despite this however I do actively try to maintain an attitude that is positive overall. And yes, sometimes that takes a tremendous amount …

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