Less Anger; More Kindness

It took me a few minutes the other day to cool off. It was another "idiot" on the road who made an overly aggressive move that I had to become defensive to avoid any incident. Frankly, I wanted to go and punch the driver. Their impatience became my problem for no other reason than... their … Continue reading Less Anger; More Kindness


I consider myself a happy person. It’s not perfect happiness. I do find myself openly frustrated at times like anyone would. I struggle sometimes for days over issues that weigh on me. Despite this however I do actively try to maintain an attitude that is positive overall. And yes, sometimes that takes a tremendous amount … Continue reading Negativity

An Impromptu Vacation… from Writing

Until today I was off work leading into and through the weekend. It was a planned few days off where I was going to spend constructive and quality time with my wife. But then something else happened: I decided to ignore my side jobs, writing and blogging. Last Thursday I posted my weekly poem, but … Continue reading An Impromptu Vacation… from Writing

Mining for an Answer

My heart is pounding. I am slowly moving forward in the dark, trying to put as much light as possible in front of me so that I can see what is ahead of me. There’s danger ahead. Creatures are lurking there waiting to kill me. But I am in no real danger. I am sitting … Continue reading Mining for an Answer