The Mental Prep

If you’ve been reading this blog now, you’ll know two things:

  1. I have an writer’s event that I am going to that happens to be today (10/14/17) around when this blog posts.
  2. I have a good deal of social anxiety.

Well, I am at the writer’s event. Being that I am writing this post actually the evening before, I am not sure how this event is going. (It’s going great!… trying to be forward thinking.)

Anyway, I wanted to get further ahead on posts than I was early this week, but the stress of knowing I have an event looming has taken a lot out of me. But I am proud of myself because I kept my promise to post at least something on this site every day. Since I was up, restless due to the looming social interactions, I thought I’d write this out.

This is only my second writing sales event I have ever been to. It’s the third writer’s event I have even been. I expect it’ll get easier over time. So I will keep going after them. Wish me luck!

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