The Question

Hours passed. Eyes were fixated on everything and nothing. Bland walls decorated in the standard method of the hotel surrounded me. The same paintings I’ve seen in every other room I’ve stayed in from that chain were there in front of me. They were aesthetically pleasing in a sterile way, the kind of way meant … Continue reading The Question

The Question…

is how... How am I going to change the course? How am I going to bring myself up to the level that I had always sworn that I could manage? How do I kick back up the volume of my writing to a point to publish 2, 3, 4, 5, or even 6 titles a … Continue reading The Question…

untitled – a poem

untitleda poem by Jeremy C Kester Silence surrounds this subtle world today.Quiet from an oppression all can say.None hear but a word from another soul.Even till the day death collects its toll.Live so dreary an existence I see.A loveless world for none to live as free. Poem written by Jeremy C Kester©2020 Jeremy C Kester … Continue reading untitled – a poem

wandering the shadows – a poem

"wandering the shadows"a poem by Jeremy C Kester Can you see yourself?Passing along this trodden pathexistence still undiscovered,still wandering in the shadowyet to find you.So can you see yourself?There in the lightso afraidstill wanderingas much in the same darknessto which you avoid. Poem written by Jeremy C Kester©2020 Jeremy C Kester – All Rights Reserved