Be Slow

Ever since the Capitol building was seized by a large group seeking to overturn the certification of the election of Joe Biden, I have seen a number of articles, mostly sent by my friend, calling the event everything from an attempted coup to an insurrection to a call for revolution. Many of the articles ridiculed … Continue reading Be Slow


There is a lot in the world that we wish was different. There is a lot that should be different. Things should be better; things shouldn’t be so damn bad. While we wait for leaders to pull their heads out of their asses, or we urge others to change, there’s a simple question we are … Continue reading Change

Writing Will Set Me Free

On the heels of the post I made the other day about the first thing that I write in my journal each day, I decided to share the next three statements too. Together, it makes the first four statements that I write each day in my journal before anything else is done (short of getting … Continue reading Writing Will Set Me Free