The Distraction

There is a dichotomy of my attention when I am looking out across the landscape of the country I belong, the United States. On one hand, in my daily life, I rarely come across anything like what the different media outlets and social media would have you believe. I guess that in many ways, that … Continue reading The Distraction

For The King! – a short story

"For The King!"a fantasy flash-fiction short story by Jeremy C KesterPart of Free Fiction Fridays Please note: this story may have some disturbing imagery or ideas. Read at your own risk. The orc was snarling as Wendelin pushed her blade into its chest. Her own face, gnarled with the hatred she felt for the beast, … Continue reading For The King! – a short story

We’ve Got to BE Better

I’ve wanted to keep politics largely away from this site. Those topics I’ve brought up recently have been intended to be in a questioning form, talking more about the idea of something abstractly rather than any direct commentary. My thought is that I want to provoke contemplation rather than an emotional reaction to what I … Continue reading We’ve Got to BE Better