The Distraction

There is a dichotomy of my attention when I am looking out across the landscape of the country I belong, the United States. On one hand, in my daily life, I rarely come across anything like what the different media outlets and social media would have you believe. I guess that in many ways, that … Continue reading The Distraction

Absorbing The Scent – a poem

"Absorbing The Scent"a poem by Jeremy C Kester Tending the gardenthe flowersbeauty surroundsand fallsthe petals not enoughto secure my lustbut to clip the flowerthe stem from which I takeand wish to placeinsideand steal it to my pocketto keep the beauty for meand none elsebut why do we stealsuch as I play with my fingersto absorb … Continue reading Absorbing The Scent – a poem

A Simple Story – a short story

"A Simple Story"a flash-fiction short story by Jeremy C KesterPart of Free Fiction Fridays “It’s a simple story,” my grandpapa said again. I sat on the stoop as he rocked back and forth in his chair. This was the way things had been that summer. Few words were ever spoken except the volume of those … Continue reading A Simple Story – a short story