Are We Trying?

I’ve been wearing thin on the news, as I am sure many have. There are simply too many wonderfully terrible examples available to us allowing us each the opportunity to condemn humanity. There are also plenty of reasons to be angry. There are those who abuse their power, taking either resources or lives away from those who cannot defend themselves. There are those who lash out in destructive ways because they have no knowledge of another way, or worse, they’ve been backed into a corner and there is no other way for them. There are those who refuse to accept the wrongs, while perpetuating the system that holds them and others down. Anger is understandable.

Being angry and disappointed in the actions of others is exhausting, however. This stands whether that exhaustion is physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Although it is easy to move to anger, it consumes us in so many ways leaving only ashes in its place. It is like the sugar of emotions: easy to consume, easy to become addicted to, yet devastating to our health.

Rather than being angry though, what are we doing to make things on this planet better? What are we doing within our power to make things better? Are we only sharing things on social media to signal how good we are while flipping off the man who we think wronged us at the traffic light?

What are we teaching our children as they ask questions about the events? Are we telling them the truth as much as we can manage it or are we coating what we say with words to make our opinions appear as the truth?

Are we teaching them to judge people on their actions rather than what they look like, what group they may belong to, or even what their beliefs may be?

Are we seeking to be better people? Are we seeking to make the right decisions in our life to use the chances or the privileges we’ve been given to do good in the world?

What are we doing to better the world through ourselves rather than blaming others? Are we trying?

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