At the Extremes

I worry about both sides. They are both loud. Both obnoxious. Both disregard fact and truth for the benefit of their own ideologies. Both are a danger to the fabric of our society. Who to worry about more? I guess that depends on where you find yourself on the spectrum or what issues impact you … Continue reading At the Extremes

Snowy Days

I was supposed to travel to Mississippi for work this week. Of course it didn’t happen. Flights going into Memphis International Airport were canceled due to the big winter storm battering the south. Well, it’s battering much of the US too, including up here in Chicago where we expect another 4” of snow on top … Continue reading Snowy Days

Seeking Truth

The other day my friend texted me with a handful of funny memes alone with an article. He was asking me my opinion on a number of things political. This was normal banter between us, as we’ve grown accustomed to seeking out each other’s opinions on political events. We don’t see eye-to-eye often, mainly because … Continue reading Seeking Truth