Seeking Truth

The other day my friend texted me with a handful of funny memes alone with an article. He was asking me my opinion on a number of things political. This was normal banter between us, as we’ve grown accustomed to seeking out each other’s opinions on political events. We don’t see eye-to-eye often, mainly because … Continue reading Seeking Truth


Many methods are used in both business and in the realm of self-improvement with the objective of, well… improvement. I am always looking for sure ways to move myself onto a new plane, to upgrade our game, to move into a greater league of play. Think of it like if you played baseball, like you … Continue reading Why?


Repetition is key. Every day, do something to improve yourself. And repeat it. Every. Day. Trying to learn to play an instrument? Practice every day. Repeat the habit until it feels unnatural to not play. Want to learn a language? Speak it. Every. Day. Repetition breeds learning. It breeds behavior. Nothing that is truly worth … Continue reading Repeat