Damn Chair

Let’s be clear, there is not a good spot where I live to sit and write. In truth, there really isn’t a spot for me in that regard. There’s of course a desk with a computer that I occasionally use (it’s the family computer and is in a communal spot), but most times I sit … Continue reading Damn Chair

The Hard

“A League of Their Own” has been one of my favorite movies since seeing it. The emotional impact the movie had while still being funny, taking itself seriously enough while not being heavy handed or preachy, made it a spectacular film. (Mind you I believe that it’s a talent that is mostly lost in modern … Continue reading The Hard

Distracted Focus

An interesting concept came up the other day. It involved the idea of daydreaming about the future and waiting for things to happen. In this case, it was discussing the idea that happiness didn’t have to wait for the terms of such things of, “I’ll be happy when I get a new house,” or “I’ll … Continue reading Distracted Focus