It Ain’t Easy

Writing is hard. Another morning is passing by as the only accomplishment that can be genuinely claimed is that the seat is warmed. The writer showed up to the job and then sat there… blank. Call it writer’s block or whatever, the fact is that one thing is true: writing is not easy. This isn’t … Continue reading It Ain’t Easy

Getting Done

To be honest, I’ve been having a lot of trouble these last couple of years. Much of it is my own doing of course. Writing is challenging, and in so I certainly make many attempts to skirt away from the task, even as I am obsessed by it. Besides that it has led me to … Continue reading Getting Done

The Question

Hours passed. Eyes were fixated on everything and nothing. Bland walls decorated in the standard method of the hotel surrounded me. The same paintings I’ve seen in every other room I’ve stayed in from that chain were there in front of me. They were aesthetically pleasing in a sterile way, the kind of way meant … Continue reading The Question