Repetition is key. Every day, do something to improve yourself. And repeat it. Every. Day. Trying to learn to play an instrument? Practice every day. Repeat the habit until it feels unnatural to not play. Want to learn a language? Speak it. Every. Day. Repetition breeds learning. It breeds behavior. Nothing that is truly worthContinue reading “Repeat”

The Fun of Being Unknown

I have a huge advantage right now. As a writer that is. As a creative mind. What’s that advantage? Being unknown. Okay, I think that I know what you are thinking: “how the f^@& is being unknown an advantage as a writer? Don’t you want readers to know you?” Yes and no. I am strangeContinue reading “The Fun of Being Unknown”


Here are lessons I have been trying to learn: The answer to most questions is “it depends.” The truth often lies in the middle as our perceptions, our prejudices, etc all can influence what we see. The rule doesn’t mean that there can’t be exceptions. You can’t make rules based solely on the exceptions. QuestioningContinue reading “Rules”