To Know

I wonder often if there is a possible way to know everything. To truly know. Of course it isn’t possible, but is it worth the consideration? It stems a little from jealousy. Many people pose the appearance of absolute certainty that they know all there is to know. Even when proven wrong, the facade fails … Continue reading To Know

The Education of Jeremy

What is education? What is its purpose? Is it for information? Knowledge? Then what is knowledge? The question has been bothering me for some time. From my life as a dispassionate high school student to an actively engaged college student to one who is 50/50 in university. It’s a question I ask as my own … Continue reading The Education of Jeremy

Trimming Length

My list of unplayed podcasts is growing long. Too long. Long enough that it is not only a distraction, but also a chore. There are a lot of them I listen to simply when working. Spreadsheets and data analysis work are very good for listening to episodes as I can listen just enough and pay … Continue reading Trimming Length