Gaming My Time

Ah, to play a game or not to play a game…

My New 5 Minute Rule

We all make little rules to try to avoid bad behaviors. Or at least in some cases it’s to avoid traps. I’ve made many over the years, most failing to make any lasting change. No matter, however, as I continue to try. So I have another. Starting tomorrow I am going to restrict myself toContinue reading “My New 5 Minute Rule”

My Time is Up

This is an unfortunate coincidence with the movement, but no, this post will have nothing to do with any opinion on the feminist movement. In this case, I am actually going to be talking about time. Specifically how I manage it. Or rather, how I don’t manage it very well. In an earlier post inContinue reading “My Time is Up”

Lost In Time

Can I feel, this way for a minute. and take the hours as they pass by, as my own. for my own playful desire. instead of waste, that I produce from there of. there is that time I spend away. I spend it away from myself. Foolishly therefore, I see nothing but wasted time. landfillsContinue reading “Lost In Time”