"Protected"a poem by Jeremy C Kester The cold beckons outside,Protected by these wallsfrom me.If I had this energyto fight against the gods,or me.If I could be called a god,but for their sake I runto sleep... For now. Poem written by Jeremy C Kester©2020 Jeremy C Kester – All Rights Reserved

For the Love of Poetry

It used to be all the time. Writing poetry was a standard part of my writing diet. It was honestly a big impact on how I styled my prose, such as with my novels. I tried writing in a more poetic tone wherever I could. Eventually I grew away from it, instead focusing elsewhere. But … Continue reading For the Love of Poetry

More on Writing on Paper

A theme for the week! Not really a theme per-say, but rather it is becoming a topic that I will be repeating for the foreseeable future. That topic? Writing by hand. For the last decade or so, my writing by hand has been limited to non-existent. I’ve tried to write, as stated before, using some … Continue reading More on Writing on Paper