When do you stop? At what point do you push your foot to the brake and stop the movement? That question has come up to me this morning after another set of decisions that by themselves weren’t that bad, yet when they are all grouped together and successive, then they become a greater problem. After … Continue reading Compounded

What Do You Do When You Fall?

Earlier this year I attended the theater to watch Captain Marvel. Anticipation for the movie was high as it was being cited as the first female-led superhero movie and given that Marvel has been succeeding at producing high-quality movies even after so long, it was poised to do well. I enjoyed it, as if there … Continue reading What Do You Do When You Fall?

2017 Comes to an End

It is the last day in 2017 and the first day my family and I are back in Illinois. For Christmas we had traveled to see our families back in Philadelphia, where we are from. We drove, which after yesterday’s travels of snow through the mountains of Pennsylvania and then white-out conditions through Ohio, was … Continue reading 2017 Comes to an End