Mining for an Answer

My heart is pounding. I am slowly moving forward in the dark, trying to put as much light as possible in front of me so that I can see what is ahead of me. There’s danger ahead. Creatures are lurking there waiting to kill me. But I am in no real danger. I am sitting … Continue reading Mining for an Answer

What We Are Watching

My wife and I watch a variety of shows together. There’s things that one of us watches that the other does not, but a lot of what we watch, we watch together. And since no one really cares, I thought I’d make a list with brief reviews of each. They are in no particular order. … Continue reading What We Are Watching

Concept vs Plot

For roughly an hour each night after our son goes to bed, my wife and I stay up to watch TV. We tend to have only one major criteria for what we watch: we both must enjoy it. Fortunately, due to TV being in a golden-age, it has been easy. Shows are not only entertaining, … Continue reading Concept vs Plot