Life is a myriad of choices, paths, and directions. (It is many other things too, but for now, this is a good metaphor.) Each day, we’re confronted with the opportunity to take any of these. The hope is that with each successive move, we get closer to our desires. Often, this isn’t the case and … Continue reading Hiatus

A Decision Has Been Made

It has been since the 18th that I started to make small, subtle mentions that I was starting to change my mind again. Then, on the 25th, in my post From Deleted to Updated, I was more direct in my thinking. Now, I’ve made up my mind: I am not going to be blogging each … Continue reading A Decision Has Been Made

From Deleted to Updated

Last night I spent an hour at least searching through my site. I was determined. Determined to find the stories and poems I failed to categorize and title properly. Why? So they could be removed.More and more and more as I ponder just what is going on with my writing life, the more I am … Continue reading From Deleted to Updated

Simple Blog Post

Today there will be a simple blog post. I’ve been working on three larger essays that have been taking a lot of my other-than-fiction writing time: an essay on Tulsi Gabbard and leadership, one on Stoicism and secularism, and then one finally on Jordan B Peterson. My normal, short-targeted posts had to be placed on … Continue reading Simple Blog Post

Spring Cleaning

It’s not quite Spring, being but a few more days away from the official start, but as March comes around, Spring is on the mind as most people don’t think of the seasons from the Solstice and all, we think about it by months, and March, April, and May are the Spring months. Anyway, without … Continue reading Spring Cleaning