The Return?

Through the many years that I’ve been writing, there has been a consistent theme of indecision. Behaviors vary wildly as I go back and forth between whether or not to focus on one thing or another. Do I treat writing as a profession or a hobby? How much effort should I spend? How much time? … Continue reading The Return?

Writing Through the Drama

Not writing is a painful endeavor. Although many days might slip by with only the thought of wanting to write going through my hear, not the clicking of fingers depressing keys, nor the stroke of pen against paper, going through these days without actually writing is difficult to deal with. Of course, one might say, … Continue reading Writing Through the Drama

A Stumble and a Fall

I took a purposeful week off blogging this past week. Honestly, I ran into a small window where my life became a bit unmanageable. It was nothing big; there was no tragedy. Simply put, my priorities got all screwy where my lack of skills in time management resulted in it being better that I sat … Continue reading A Stumble and a Fall