Life is a myriad of choices, paths, and directions. (It is many other things too, but for now, this is a good metaphor.) Each day, we’re confronted with the opportunity to take any of these. The hope is that with each successive move, we get closer to our desires. Often, this isn’t the case and instead we find that those paths that we go down lead us away from where we are trying to go.

For me, these choices have been taking me further away from my goal of being a writer. Whether that “being a writer” means just being a writer and writing stories, articles, etc — or if it really means making my living as a writer — the fact is that I haven’t been writing. Once again, I’ve hit a lull.

Several good reasons exist for this. Some good, such as being busy with family, friends; some are expected, such as being busy with work; and some are bad, such as allowing motivation to take a hike. Reasons are akin to excuses however: good, bad, or indifferent, they don’t solve any problems. If something is important, one should find the time to do it — even if that time is only a few minutes each day.

Even still, it has been a struggle. Couple that with the added demands of recent life, I’ve needed to reevaluate how I was approaching things. And rather than “give up” on the blog altogether — or to continue to miss days when I am unable to plan effectively — I decided to take a hiatus. For at least a few weeks.

Think of it as a vacation (of sorts), as I attempt to realign my schedules, get back into a good habit of writing, and generally get my life in shape. The reality is that two posts a week is not a burden, but it is currently. Even the idea of one day a week is stressing me out. And with events like Month of the Macabre coming up fast, I need to take myself offline for a bit to better prepare.

There is no plan for how long this will take. It might be a week; it might be a year. I do not know. All I do know is that I will keep this post pinned to the top until I am ready to get back to the twice-weekly (or more) posting. Thanks for understanding and I hope to get back soon.

Oh, another thing of note: I will not stop posting poetry on Wednesdays. I have hundreds upon hundreds of poems written over the years and I still write more at a varying pace. They will continue.

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