A Decision Has Been Made

It has been since the 18th that I started to make small, subtle mentions that I was starting to change my mind again. Then, on the 25th, in my post From Deleted to Updated, I was more direct in my thinking. Now, I’ve made up my mind: I am not going to be blogging each day for much longer.

Frankly, posting every day on this site is a lot of work. Granted, I don’t always spend enormous time on each post. Some I barely spend much, if any. Others take a lot of time away. Sometimes I edit them, but most times I don’t. Specifically it is exactly because I don’t want to waste more time than I need to that I avoid the editing part of my posts. It’s stupid, but it’s the poisons I pick. Working to make sure that a post goes up each day is a pain. And whether one argues that I can easily spend more time on it without negative impact, the point is that I don’t want to spending a lot of time on it. Writing blogs isn’t what I want to do. Writing fiction is. And curating a post every day is at best a distraction from that.

The problem here is that I never wanted to completely abandon the site. Even though I don’t want to put as much effort or time in it as I am doing today, stopping entirely is not an option that I am giving myself. Thus, cutting back the frequency of posts seems the most logical. The next question had to be how much do I cut back? Until I had a firm decision, I wasn’t going to change anything. But after much deliberation, I made my decision.

This site is going to move to three updates a week. Monday and Friday will be blog posts of whatever variety they be. Wednesday will be poetry only. Each of the updates will continue to be scheduled for 9am. Occasionally, such as when there is a new book released, a story, site updates, events, etc, I will update more frequently.

Today’s post will be the last of the latest “blog post every day” episode I was just in. Tomorrow (Wednesday March 31st) will see a poem posted at 9am. Then the next post will be Friday and next week will continue along the new schedule. Thanks to those of you that have been enjoying the site so far.

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