I Think I Am Back…

But not entirely. There are a few choices. The only question is which to make. These last few weeks I’ve been on hiatus from the act of updating this site (apart from the weekly poetry update). Part of the reasoning behind this was in being unsure of what I was still doing trying to write … Continue reading I Think I Am Back…

A Decision Has Been Made

It has been since the 18th that I started to make small, subtle mentions that I was starting to change my mind again. Then, on the 25th, in my post From Deleted to Updated, I was more direct in my thinking. Now, I’ve made up my mind: I am not going to be blogging each … Continue reading A Decision Has Been Made

Spring Cleaning

It’s not quite Spring, being but a few more days away from the official start, but as March comes around, Spring is on the mind as most people don’t think of the seasons from the Solstice and all, we think about it by months, and March, April, and May are the Spring months. Anyway, without … Continue reading Spring Cleaning

Updates and Direction Shifts

Things are changing! Rather than submitting to the tons of anxiety I’ve been feeling lately with my writing and life, I decided to ignore it, instead running full steam ahead with my plans. I am going to take this thing called “being a writer” with more seriousness than I’ve been demonstrating so far. In part … Continue reading Updates and Direction Shifts