Updates and Direction Shifts

Things are changing!

Rather than submitting to the tons of anxiety I’ve been feeling lately with my writing and life, I decided to ignore it, instead running full steam ahead with my plans. I am going to take this thing called “being a writer” with more seriousness than I’ve been demonstrating so far.

In part of my doing so, I decided that a rebranding of sorts is in need, starting with my website. If you head over there (if reading this post in WordPress reader for instance), you will notice that I have already changed the theme. I won’t be stopping there.

Next will be colors, deciding on a color theme for me and my brand. Then will come a static homepage. After that will be a redesign of the “books” page. More will come from there, but those will be the primary goings-on regarding my site.

After that, and right around the release of #4, I’ll be remaking the covers for my entire Gravity series. I’ve never been happy with the covers. To fix that, I’ve decided on standardizing the cover theme for that series. Once I finalize that, I’ll build the 4 covers I’ll need (including the new release) and go from there.

Lastly (for the sake of this post only— meaning it is anything but the last item), I’ll be settling in on a schedule for this site and my posting. I’ve been going at once a day for over a month now, missing a day here and there. It’s not that it is too much, but really, it is too much. I want to begin producing more quality content, including controversial ideas, thoughts, internal debates, and to do so, I’ll need to spend more time on each of these. I haven’t decided what frequency, but suffice to say, it will be weekly at least.

I’ll update more as I move forward. Expect a lot of movement from me in the coming year. I probably won’t “make it” from these moves, but I do expect to better situate myself to be able to make it at some future time. Thanks and enjoy the ride!

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