It’s funny. Although I gave myself more time to make longer posts, I ended up abandoning several essays that I was writing. One or two of them might end up being resurrected, although I have to admit that it is unlikely. Each of these essays were started a while ago. They were not too ambitious, … Continue reading Abandoned

From Deleted to Updated

Last night I spent an hour at least searching through my site. I was determined. Determined to find the stories and poems I failed to categorize and title properly. Why? So they could be removed.More and more and more as I ponder just what is going on with my writing life, the more I am … Continue reading From Deleted to Updated

The Practice

Looking back it is easy to say that there was rarely a post that I can effectively say that I was proud of. Most of them are at best sub-par. It’s necessary though, isn’t it? The practice? Mostly what this blog is and has been is a place where I jump online and practice writing … Continue reading The Practice